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Open Source Club

at The Ohio State University
The Open Source Club at the Ohio State University is a registered student organization composed of members from all around campus and out into the community who share a common enthusiasm for free, open source software. Our focus is on building a strong community of open source users and developers in order to bring the benefits of open development, open standards, and free software to the university community.
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  • office
    Caldwell Labs, Rm 112F
  • next meeting
    October 8th 2015 in Caldwell 120


  • No Meeting This Thursday

    posted: 10-12-2015

    Hey everyone,

    Due to OSU’s Autumn Break we won’t be having a meeting this week, October 15th. Enjoy your time off!

    –William Osler

  • Engineering Homecoming Tailgate

    posted: 10-07-2015

    Come volunteer at the Engineering Homecoming Tailgate.

    • Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2015
    • Where: Knowlton Hall Plaza
    • Time: 9-11am

    Various shifts needed from 7 am-12pm


    • event setup/cleanup
    • greeters
    • food & beverage line attendants
    • registration staff
    • trivia competition assistants
  • Exploring Majors Fair

    posted: 10-07-2015

    Come volunteer at the Exploring Majors Fair.

    • Date: Monday, October 12th, 2015
    • Where: Physics Research Building
    • Time: 11am-2pm

    Volunteers needed:

    • Shift 1: 11am-12:30
    • Shift 2: 12:30-3pm

    They are seeking volunteers in the following majors/pre-majors:

    • Chemical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Aerospace

    They need two volunteers from each department for each shift (a total of 12 volunteer slots)

  • BDAA Career Fair

    posted: 10-07-2015

    Come volunteer at the BBDA Career Fair.

    • Date: Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
    • Where: The Union Cartoon Room
    • Time: 12-3pm

    Various volunteers needed from 9:30 am-3:30pm

  • Pretty Good Privacy: Secure communications with PGP

    posted: 10-03-2015

    This Thursday, October 8, at 7PM in Caldwell 120, William Osler will be presenting on GPG, the GNU implantation of the PGP standard. PGP is a tool that allows people to communicate with each other securely, even if they’ve never met in person. We’ll talk about the Web of Trust concept, and how you can help expand it via key signing.

    After the meeting, we’ll have a “key signing party”. If you’ve never heard of this: don’t worry, we’ll talk about it during the presentation. But if you want to participate, bring some for of photo ID with you to the meeting.

    Laptops are encouraged (this is a highly interactive presentation for newcomers) but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

    –William Osler

  • Logical Volumes and Fancy Filesystems

    posted: 10-01-2015

    This Thursday, October 1, at 7PM in Caldwell 120, Matt Meinwald will speak on logical volume management, specifically covering LVM, ZFS, and Btrfs. He will discuss a bit of the background and history of these systems, and describe the key features each provides. Hopefully by the end of this talk you will consider throwing away your legacy partitions (after taking backups!) and embracing these technologies.

    Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

    This weekend (October 2nd & 3rd) is the thirteenth annual Ohio LinuxFest held in the greater Columbus Convention Center. Registering in advance is free however the price jumps to $10 the day of the event. On Saturday morning (October 3rd) at 8:00am we are meeting at Tim Hortons (200 West Nationwide Blvd, Stadium). We will then walk over to the Convention Center together in time for the 9:00am keynote.

    For those using COTA, the 18 Kenny/OSU line goes right by Tim Hortons, use stop 7084.

    register here

    – Eli

  • Open Source at Facebook

    posted: 09-20-2015

    Hi everyone,

    This Thursday, 2015/09/24 at 7:00PM in Caldwell Labs 120, Patrick Shuff will present “Open Source at Facebook”. Description follows:

    Facebook serves requests for over 1.3 billion people every month. I will give a brief overview of our Traffic/CDN (e.g. images and videos) infrastructure and how open source software is core to being able to deliver all of those bits to the world every day!

    Patrick Shuff is a production engineer on the traffic team at Facebook. His team’s responsibilities include maintaining/monitoring the global load balancing infrastructure, DNS, and our content delivery platform (i.e. photo/video delivery). Other roles at Facebook include being on the global site reliability team where he, with various infrastructure teams (messaging, real time infrastructure, email), to help increase service reliability and monitoring for their services.

    Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

    – Eli

  • Lightning Talks

    posted: 09-15-2015

    Hi everyone,

    This Thursday, 2015/09/17 at 7:00PM in Caldwell Labs 120, we will be holding lightning talks. For the uninitiated, lightning talks are brief presentations given by YOU. Talks are given in succession and can vary in subject matter. To get the ball rolling, I will demo Docker, a way to package your applications. I encourage everyone to present something that they’re passionate about.

    Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

    – Eli