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Open Source Hardware and Hobby Electronics

posted: 02-27-2016

Thursday, 2016/03/03 at 7:00pm in Caldwell Labs 120

Alex Fuhr will be giving an intro to open-source hardware and hobby electronics. This talk is designed for those who are entering the Makeathon or who just want to learn more about hardware in general, and will cover topics such as microcontrollers, digit and analog I/O, prototyping tools, serial communication protocols, and potential project ideas.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Makeathon this Saturday (March 5th). No matter your level of experience in hardware, you can still make something great.

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Forensic Data Analysis

posted: 02-24-2016

Thursday, 2016/02/25 at 7:00pm in Caldwell Labs 120

This week Matt Curtin will present on forensic data analysis. This will focus on the use of technology in legal cases. Matt Curtin, and his company Interhack Corporation, has addressed courts on the topics of wiretapping, data breaches, and more. Matt Curtin will address the merits of opensource software in forensic data analysis in court rooms in order to reach a resolution that may be much more controversial when using proprietary software.

As always there will be good pizza and good fun.

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Intermediate Vim

posted: 02-16-2016

Thursday, 2016/02/18 at 7:00pm in Caldwell Labs 120

This talk is targeted at the Vim user who is looking to take their knowledge of the editor to the next level. It can take several years to master a text editor in all it’s intricacies, and Vim is no exception. Having used Vim for the last four years or so, I will try to impart some of the lessons I have learned - not just about how to use Vim, but also about how to learn to use Vim. Some prior Vim experience will be beneficial.


Jonathan Arnett

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Pure Data

posted: 01-31-2016

Thursday, 2016/02/04 at 7:00pm in Caldwell Labs 120, Alex Fuhr will present Pure Data. Pure Data is an open source visual programming language for audio, graphic, and signal processing. This talk will start with the basic concepts of the language, and then dive deeper into topics such as audio generation and manipulation, helpful subroutines, graphical processing, connecting to an Arduino, and more advanced audio examples.

In order to follow along with all the demos, make sure to install pd-extended (Pure Data with extra libraries) before the meeting. You can find installation instructions here

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Arch Linux

posted: 01-27-2016

Thursday’s talk will be on installing Arch Linux, performed by our longtime sysadmin William Osler. I also want to finalize a schedule for at least the next couple weeks after gauging interest at last week’s meeting.

Many distributions like Ubuntu or Fedora are configured and set up with out-of-the box programs and features. While this is very convenient, digging deeper and setting up a system yourself will allow you to understand your system and better customize it to your needs. Arch Linux is a distribution that makes it easy to build your system up from a lightweight and simple base into an operating system tailored to you. I’ll be covering everything from how to install Arch using the Arch live image (there’s no installer, but I promise it’s not scary!), to configuring your base system, working with packages, and eventually building your way up to a desktop interface.

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Alex Krieger

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Meeting Planning + Lightning Talks

posted: 01-21-2016

Tonight’s meeting will be drafting future talks for the semester + some lightning talks; and I’m going to give a condensed version of a powerpoint at a conference that I saw on Monday dealing with the economics of zero-day vulnerabilities. Future meeting dates will posted on the website as they’re determined.

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Alex Krieger

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Welcome Back

posted: 01-10-2016

This Thursday, January 14th at 7PM in Caldwell 120, we will be voting on whether or not to amend our club’s constitution. So for that reason, I encourage everyones’ attendance.

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Eli Gladman

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Spring 2016 Semester Schedule

posted: 12-22-2015


posted: 12-09-2015

This Thursday, December 10th at 7PM in Caldwell 120, I will be discussing / demoing Meteor.js.

“Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript App Platform that assemble all the pieces you need to build modern web and mobile apps, with a single JavaScript codebase.”

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

Good luck on exams.

– Eli Gladman

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posted: 12-01-2015

This Thursday, December 3rd at 7PM in Caldwell 120, J3RN will be talking about Redis, the in-memory key-value store.

Redis is a nice (and fast!) alternative to using a database if the values you are trying to store are simple, and is commonly used for caching. The types that Redis natively supports are strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets. Additionally, Redis has other cool features such as a configurable level of on-disk persistence and “sentinels” for high availability. Redis is used widely by companies such as CoverMyMeds and was the persistence for the deceased IRC bot “spell,” and might be the perfect fit for your next project!

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Jonathan “J3RN” Arnett

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No Meeting

posted: 11-20-2015

No meeting this Thursday, November 26th. Go home.

The club systems will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this weekend, so expect downtime. Our sysadmin, William, will be reverting Gluster. Also, We will be upgrading Stallman’s ram from 4GB ram to 12GB, in addition to replacing the power supply.

– Eli Gladman


Password Management

posted: 11-18-2015

This Thursday, November 19th at 7PM in Caldwell 120, We will discuss the many ways to safe guard/manage your passwords. Everyone at sometime or another has relied on their browser to store sensitive credentials quite often due to sheer simplicity. Did you know up until 2013 Chromium was storing a user’s credentials in PlainText.

Now if your the type that likes to use a password manager, you might already be aware that not all services are created equal. Just this Summer LastPass’ security was breached, exposing email accounts, encrypted master passwords, and password hints.

We will also discuss the lesser known solutions such as hardware encrypted HID devices. Just this year the Hack A Day community came together and designed/produced the Mooltipass, an open source hardware encrypted offline password manager.

It’s difficult to strike a comparable balance between convenience and security. The intention of this talk is to explore a wide variety of cross-platform solutions to secure your personal data.

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Eli Gladman

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Git - An Introduction and Explanation

posted: 11-11-2015

Come join us Thursday, the 12th of November, as Nikit “Nefari0uss” Malkan talks about Git source control and how to use it for your projects (and perhaps even an upcoming hackathon).

I will talk about the different models of work flow, how source control plays a role, and then will talk extensively about how Git works. Following that, I will briefly cover how to use some basic Git commands and how to set it up quickly for the upcoming OHI/O 2015 hackathon. Plan on this meeting being slightly longer than usual as I want to ensure people will walk with a working knowledge of Git for the hackathon. Laptops are highly encouraged so you can follow along. A Github account is highly prefered as we will work on a live demo, time pertaining. As always there will be Pizza.

The presentation slides can be downloaded here

–Nikit “Nefari0uss” Malkan

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License to Code

posted: 10-30-2015

Come join us Thursday, the fifth of November, as Brandon Moore talks about licenses and why you should use one on any project you work on. Licensing is a key part of the open source community, and your choices are diverse. We will talk about licenses ranging from the copyleft to the copyright, the unlicense to the Apache license. We will discuss how you choose your license for a project and what implications your choice has, and more importantly what a lack of choosing a license means and how it affects the Open Source community.

Like every week, laptops are encouraged and there will be pizza.

The presentation can be found here


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Wireless Security and Penetration Testing

posted: 10-27-2015

This Thursday, October 29th at 7PM in Caldwell 120, I, Eli Gladman, will speak on wireless security and penetration testing. Specifically I will be going over common network vulnerabilities and misconceptions. After a brief introduction, I will demonstrate how to brute force particular types of WiFi access points due to their inherently insecure “encryption”. I encourage people to follow along and learn the most they can about wireless security.

The intention of this talk is to educate members with respect to securing their own local networks. We are by no means responsible for the actions people take using these techniques learned at this meeting. Performing said activities without the explicit permission of said owner is against the law.

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Eli Gladman

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Startup Weekend

posted: 10-23-2015

Working in a Production Environment

posted: 10-22-2015

Hi everyone,

This Thursday at 7:00PM in Caldwell Labs 120, Jay Bobo and Vasanth Pappu from CoverMyMeds will discuss what it’s like working in a production environment. For those that are unfamiliar, CoverMyMeds is a Columbus startup that automates the Prior Authorization process in the healthcare industry. I urge everyone to go check them out!

Laptops are encouraged but not required, and as always, there will be pizza.

– Eli Gladman


No Meeting This Thursday

posted: 10-12-2015

Hey everyone,

Due to OSU’s Autumn Break we won’t be having a meeting this week, October 15th. Enjoy your time off!

–William Osler


Engineering Homecoming Tailgate

posted: 10-07-2015

Exploring Majors Fair

posted: 10-07-2015